Pet Clinic Programs and Subsidized Veterinary Clinic

“Animals are not property or "things" but rather living organisms, subjects of a life, who are worthy of our compassion, respect, friendship, and support”  - Marc Bekoff

Welcome to the Pet Wellness and Education Center!  We are located at:

372 North Main Street, North Brookfield, MA
Telephone:  (508) 637-1333                    Fax:  (508) 637-1417


At the Second Chance Wellness Center we offer our high quality veterinary care (including subsidized pricing for those that qualify), low cost spay/neuter program, education classes and pet training!

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/AvailPets/Woof/dogwellness.jpgSecond Chance Animal Shelter has a high quality veterinary clinic at our Wellness Center which includes subsidized pricing for those that qualify as part of our Community Healthy Pet Initiative. This is open to the general public so everyone is welcome to come to our veterinary clinic for their pet’s care. However, the reduced fees of our subsidized veterinary clinic are only available to those that qualify. You must meet the income requirement to receive the prices listed on our fee schedule. Those that do not qualify will pay the regular fees and all proceeds benefit the shelter programs that help pets in need. Read more... 

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What does subsidized veterinary care mean?  It means that for those that are on fixed incomes, we provide reduced rates on veterinary services.  This helps to ensure that pets get the medical care they need for treatable medical conditions.


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Download our Clinic Brochure tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/arrow.gif


Support from Animal Farm Foundation has allowed Second chance Animal Shelter to further it's mission to help pets in need.  To learn more about Animal Farms Foundation visit


For Our Special Patient's Health & Comfort:

  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Surgeries that are performed on heated surgical tables
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Post-surgical comfort includes heating units to keep pets comfortable and warm
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg In-house laboratory services including state of the art comprehensive blood chemistry and cytology machines
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Anesthetic monitoring including pulse oximetry
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Dental cleanings and extractions
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Digital Dental X-Ray
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Digital Full Body X-Ray
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Parasite control
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Pain relief
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Individual comfortable recovery cages
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg A loving and knowledgable veterinary staff
  tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images/paw25.jpg Licensed veterinarians trained in cutting edge spay/neuter surgery


Vaccine Clinics

We offer weekly vaccine clinics that are open to the public.
Please Note: Vaccine clinic pricing and spay/neuter pricing is set pricing.
No further discounts are available for subsidized care for these services
These are walk-in, no appointment necessary clinics.

Wednesdays - 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

  Rabies Vaccine   $12
  Distember Vaccine   $12
  Microchipping   $25
  Heartworm/Lyme/AN/EC Testing (Dogs)   $30
  Leukemia/Aids Testing (Cats)   $30

Low Cost Spay/Neuter

  Cat Spay   $75
  Cat Neuter   $60

Includes a rabies vaccine if needed.


Dog Spay/Neuter – prices are dependent on size of dog.
Please fill out the SPOT application and submit. A representative will call you with pricing and scheduling.

Pit Fix Program – All pitbull type dogs are spayed/neutered for $50.00.

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