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Name: Jake
Age/Sex: 6-7 year old neutered male
Breed: Australian Shepherd mix
Size/Weight: Large, 65 lbs
Coat length/color: long hair, blue merle with white

Activity level: Medium High

Personality: Jake is extremely loving and loyal to his family. He is a great dog and listens well once a chain of command has been firmly established.

Likes: Treats, laying in the sun, going for long walks, being with his people.

Dislikes: Dogs, cats, unannounced visitors.

Received any training? Jake takes commands well once he knows you are in charge. He knows sit, down, come, stay, leave it. He has the hardest time with leave it when he is fixated on something.

Fenced-in yard necessary? If so, why? Yes, due to Jake's re-activity level he would be best with a fenced in yard to keep all safe.

Good with kids? Yes, however he can become protective of children.

With other dogs/cats? No. Jake should never be in a home with cats or dogs.

Health/behavioral issues: Jake is very healthy, he however does not get along with other animals and does not like strangers coming in and out of the house. He would be best in a quiet household where if people visit he can be separated from where the visitors are until he is used to them.

Background story/where this dog came from (found as a stray, owner surrender, neglect/abuse case, etc.): Jake was adopted from us 5 years ago and returned last March when the owner could no longer care for him.

Describe his/her ideal forever home: Jake's ideal home has no other animals, few visitors, a large fenced in yard to roam, and dog savvy owners who know they need to be firmly in charge.

Any other details prospective adopters should know about this dog? Jake is a great boy who given the right chance would make an excellent companion.

Interested in fostering Jake with intent to adopt? Please fill out the adoption application, AFTER reading above thoroughly.




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