17 Dogs arrive at Second Chance from hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico

Worcester, MA (October 4, 2017) – Second Chance Animal Services went to New Jersey yesterday to pick up 17 dogs from hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico.  The weary animals were airlifted by rescue groups and then made the three and half hour ride to North Brookfield.   They will be in a 48 hour hold as is required by state regulations.  The dogs will then be assessed medically and be ready for adoption as soon as they are cleared.  The pets that arrived were already in shelters in Puerto Rico when Maria hit, so once they are cleared by our staff they will be available for adoption.    


As an emergency partner for HSUS and other organizations, Second Chance has been watching the situation in Puerto Rico closely.  They have also been anxiously waiting for word from the shelter on the island that they have been mentoring.


“We have our Operation Hope in Puerto Rico where we help mentor a sister shelter.  We are happy that we were able to regain communication with them yesterday as we were bringing back these dogs from Puerto Rico.  We took several dogs that are older and in need of additional medical care” stated Sheryl Blancato, Executive Director.  “My heart always goes out to the older ones and what they have been through.  If we can get them a new home to enjoy the rest of their lives, that is what is truly important – changing lives.  We are happy to be a part of this massive mission to save animals”.

Last month Second Chance took in 99 animals from shelters affected by Hurricane Irma to make room for pets displaced by the storm and to help shelters get back up and running.  Many of those pets have gone to the shelter for adoption, but some have extensive medical needs to be addressed before they can find a home.  A GoFundMe was set up to cover the costs of treating those animals, which was estimated at around $5,000, but quickly rose to over $20,000.  Now the shelter will be facing additional costs to care for the latest rescued pets. Those interested in helping can visit www.gofundme.com/hurricanepetsatsecondchance or www.secondchanceanimals.org for more information.

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