Kitten injured in barbed wire accident getting a second chance

Kitten seriously injured in barbed wire accident getting a Second Chance


 North Brookfield, MASS, July 27, 2017  — Barely a day goes by when Second Chance doesn’t see some kind of serious injury or other medical emergency at their veterinary clinics.  But this little kitten’s brush with death took many hands to help save him.  When a good Samaritan saw this kitten hung up in a barbed wire fence, he came to Second Chance’s Wellness Center in North Brookfield for help.  This kitten was struggling with his arm completely wrapped in the barbed wire.  Two veterinary technicians were able to cut the wire and bring the kitten, wires and all, back to the clinic.

Initial exam of the kitten showed a grave prognosis for saving the leg.  It had been wrapped in the barbed wire for apparently some time and circulation had been cut off.  The wire had pierced the skin in several areas as well.  Immediately the cat was brought into surgery to remove the wire, insert a drain, and begin pain management and antibiotics to prevent infection. 

“When most people think of Second Chance, they think of pets up for adoption” stated Sheryl Blancato, Executive Director.  “What they don’t know is that we operate two, soon to be three, full service subsidized veterinary clinics.  This is where the largest amount of our lifesaving work goes on.  This kitten has serious injuries and without immediate surgery the prognosis was not good.  It has been a few days since surgery and hope is growing that the leg will be saved.  Circulation is restored and the cat has feeling in the limb.  He is not out of the woods yet, but certainly we are a lot more optimistic than when he first came in”.

The kitten, who has been named “Freddy” is making progress and will be moved to a foster home with a veterinary technician so that he can continue to recover.  Saving the leg is the main concern and it will be a while before they know for sure if the surgery was in time.  “We live on a lot of hope around here” Mrs. Blancato noted “We can only do what we can and hope it is in time”.

A Gofundme page was set up to help offset the cost of the care at  Any additional funds raised will go towards their current project of an intensive care room for kittens like Freddy.

“This goes to show how much trouble one little kitten can get himself into” stated Mrs. Blancato.  “It is very fortunate that someone noticed this kitten and was able to get help quickly.  This kitten was in a great deal of pain and had been for what appears to be several hours.  Hopefully the happy ending will be that we can save the leg and this kitten can go on to live a long life having fun without getting into more trouble”.

To keep up with the progress of this kitten, use the gofundme page listed above for updates.

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