Second Chance helps with Hurricane Harvey

Second Chance helps with Hurricane Harvey

It didn't take long for Second Chance to pull together 3 truckloads of pet supplies when the word went out for the help.  Second Chance is an emergency shelter in MA and therefore had supplies ready for an emergency.  "These supplies were ready for a disaster so we gathered them up for this emergency" stated Sheryl Blancato, Executive Director.  "We will worry about replacing these later.  Right now, they need them."

In addition to the supplies from Second Chance, a plea went out on Facebook to anyone that could help with the laundry list of supplies.  And soon car after car came by with the supplies.

In partnership with the EB Fire Department, the supplies were loaded up, along with the human supplies the Fire Department had gathered and they were off to meet the transport.  This transport, headed up by the longtime Red Sox Baseball player Curt Schilling, drove the supplies to Texas.

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