Second Chance opens third Veterinary Clinic to help pets in need

Second Chance Animal Services opened our newest low-cost clinic location in Worcester in August 2017.  We are bringing our knowledge from the two veterinary clinic locations in North Brookfield and Springfield to the Community Vet Clinic that now resides at 831 Main St, in Worcester.

The purpose of this clinic is to help alleviate the suffering of pets from treatable medical conditions. This location is open to everyone and if a pet owner qualifies for subsidized rates, they will receive drastically reduced prices to help care for their pets.  This helps to keep pets with their families whenever possible. 

“We know how hard it is for people that are on fixed incomes, including the elderly, who dearly love their pets to care for them when they become ill,” stated Sheryl Blancato, executive director at Second Chance.  “It is important to us to keep that human animal bond intact whenever possible.” 

The staff of veterinarians, veterinary technicians and support staff, make up a team that helps to provide the best care and treatment to pets in need.  Thanks to a generous grant of $180,000, from PetSmart Charities, the leading funder of animal welfare in North America, the clinic will have all of the medical equipment needed to operate this facility.  The clinic will have the latest in equipment and cutting edge spay/neuter surgery techniques that help to make for a great experience for the pets. 

“Making low-cost veterinary care more accessible to pets and pet parents in need can help keep more pets out of local shelters and rescues in loving forever homes,” said David Haworth, DVM, Ph.D., president of PetSmart Charities.  “We’re thrilled to team up with Second Chance Animal Shelter with the donation of this grant and help bring this trusted resource to members of the Worchester community.”

“We are so grateful to the support of the community and our donors for making this possible.  PetSmart Charities has been the major funder of this project and we are grateful for their support.  In addition, we have received grants and donations from the community to help with the renovation of this building so that the location will be a pleasant, clean, and updated facility,” stated Mrs. Blancato.

The grand opening was on August 16th and included a ribbon cutting.e at

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