Party for Pets


Second Chance has a program that recognizes kids who give back to the animals called "Party for Pets.” This program shows children that even at their young age, they can make a difference in the lives of homeless pets. This program provides a party package for kids who are having a birthday party and are asking for gifts for the shelter pets instead of themselves. The kit includes party favors and a t-shirt for the birthday girl or boy.

In addition, when kids bring the pet gifts to the shelter after the party, they will get a tour of the shelter and any pictures or written reflections on why they chose to have a "Party for Pets" will be featured on the Star Supporters webpage. “Second Chance Party for Pets is a wonderful and fun way to involve children in helping homeless animals” stated Carol Kelley, an Educational Outreach Coordinator. “It is also a great first step that allows children to think about and participate in a community service program”.

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Party for Pets recognized by the Examiner: "Entertaining idea: Birthday parties for a good cause" By Paula Slade, Jul. 12, 2009 Six year old helps Second Chance Animal Shelter (July 20, 2011)


Party for Pets Testimonial:

"My daughter Madison turned 9 on January 23rd. We had recently gotten a new kitten and found information from Second Chance about having her spayed. While online, I saw your "Party for Pets" information. My daughter cries when she sees the ASPCA commercials on television and always asks how she can help the animals. I came home that day and told her about the "Party for Pets" and she immediately decided that's what she wanted to do. I contacted the shelter and was sent the party package of favors and her t-shirt. Once we received the package we began planning, she came up with lots of great ideas! We played all kinds of animal games, including animal bingo and a word search about ways to protect our pets. We also made "Happy Socks" for shelter cats and peanut butter dog cookies for valentine's day. It was amazing! She invited 10 friends to her party, I can't believe the donations they brought for the shelter! My dining room table was full of "stuff" from toys to food, and everything in between. The kids had a great time and Madison is so proud of all the items she will be bringing to the shelter. Madison is looking forward to bringing all the donations to the shelter and getting her "tour"! Thank you so much for allowing us this amazing opportunity!" Dawn L. and Madison