SCAS Pets for Life Program


We are very excited to introduce this program into the community of Worcester. We are honored to be the only organization in Massachusetts to be accepted into the Pets of Life mentorship program of the Humane Society of the United States. We are now 1 of only 35 in the country to take on this exciting program to help pets in need. Thanks to a grant from Petsmart Charities, we will be providing this program to the targeted communities in the 01608 and 01610 zip codes.


Pets for life is a groundbreaking community outreach initiative designed to extend animal welfare resources for pet owners who have never received services or have received services without long lasting impact. This approach is effective because it embraces the human component of the companion animal equation, we meet people where they live and establishing trust, creating a ripple effect in the community for long term impact.


The targeted area for this program is the 01608 and 01610 zip codes.


Through this program we will be going into the neighborhoods to meet the pet owners and help them with their pets needs. This program provides free spay/neuter, vaccinations, and related services.

By improving the relationship between a person/family with their pets, we feel we can improve the quality of life for both, thus increasing the chances of the pet staying in their homes permanently. This is a wonderful program for the city of Worcester, since this is the only grant of its kind awarded in the state of Mass.  Thanks to this grant from Petsmart Charities we are able to save lives with this program.

If you are in this zip code, you can contact our dedicated phone line is 774-633-1951. This telephone number is ONLY for Pets for Life information and contact.

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