Cat or Dog Spay/Neuter (S.P.O.T. Program)

(Stop Pet Overpopulation Today!)

We are grateful to grants that help us to provide these important programs.  Thank you to:



Second Chance's S.P.O.T. program is designed to assist pet owners afford the cost of spaying or neutering their pet. This program helps pets in need get spayed/neutered. It is not meant as a replacement for regular veterinary care but as a resource to help those that need financial assistance getting their pets spayed/neutered.

To sign up for one of our clinics:

  • Complete S.P.O.T. Application
  • Call 508-637-1333 to schedule an appointment. If you require services in addition to spay/neuter, please let us know when you come in for your appointment.

Second Chance has safety as its first priority when performing spay/neuters at our high volume clinic. For that reason we will not perform s/n on animals over 6 years of age without pre anesthetic blood work. This test is called a Senior Panel and ensures that your animal is healthy and has no underlying issues that would not be seen in a general exam before surgery. You can get this blood work done at your regular vet or at our Wellness Clinic prior to surgery. Please call us at 508-637-1333 to schedule an appointment.

Click here to download the S.P.O.T. Brochure and S.P.O.T. Request Form in (PDF)

If you need assistance getting to our clinic please visit our transport program page.

The Pit Fix

Help to get your pit bull fixed is only a click away!

Pit bull and pit bull mixes are the most common dog found in shelters. This is due in large part to the misinformation about the breed and over breeding. We want to help this breed by helping to fix pit bulls at an affordable cost. Be a responsible pit bull owner and get your pit fixed – we can help!

Second Chance helps to fix pit bulls for a cost of $75.00. If you have a pit bull and want to get your pit fixed, please fill out a S.P.O.T. application.  Every pit fixed helps to make a difference!

Your dog can qualify for our reduced cost pit bull pricing if:

  • he/she is a pit bull or mostly pit bull mix and has characteristics of a pit bull such as a square/blocky head, short muzzle and a well-defined muscular structure.
  • you can present a copy of your dog’s rabies certificate or previous medical records with breed of pit bull clearly noted.

 Qualification is at the discretion of our veterinarian.

We want to help all pets get spayed/neutered!

Services For Cats

Male Neuter
Includes FREE rabies vaccine (if needed)
Female Spay
Includes FREE rabies vaccine (if needed)
Rabies Vaccine N/C
Nail Trim $5
Pre-surgery exam N/C
Pain Medication N/C
Hernia Repair $30-$50
Dewormer $10
Flea/Ear mite treatment $15
FVRCP (Distemper) Vaccination $12
Leukemia Virus/FIV Test $30
Leukemia Virus/FIV Test $30
Microchip (Includes Registration) $20
Flea/Tick treatment $10
Feral - F.A.S.T. Program
Click here for complete info on the Feral F.A.S.T. program

Services for Dogs

Male Neuter (1-100 lbs.) Varies*
Female Neuter (1-100 lbs.) Varies*

Pit Fix Programs
Special Program for Pit Bulls

Rabies Vaccination $12
DA2PP (distemper) Vaccination $12
Heartworm/Lyme/AN/EC 4DX test** $30
Microchip (Includes Registration) $20
Flea/Tick treatment $15

*Due to the variance in breeds, size, age, etc. in dogs, please fill out the application and a representative will contact you for pricing.

**NOTE: HW/Lyme test can be done but we can not dispense any medications for either a positive or negative result at the time of testing. Results need to be brought to the pet owners regular vet and the vet will need to write a prescription for any medication, or If you would like to become an established client at our new subsidized clinic you can make an appointment with us and we can prescribe medication.