To Qualify For Subsidized Services

Our hospital is open to everyone. If you do not qualify for subsidized rates, services are at standard rates.

To Qualify For Subsidized Pricing

Our Community Veterinary Hospitals strive to alleviate the suffering of pets from treatable medical conditions. We provide low cost care and treatment to those that cannot afford to care for a pet in need.

Our hospitals, coupled with our long standing spay/neuter and vaccine clinics is another way to show that Second Chance Animal Services is a leader in helping to fight suffering in the pets in our community and beyond. Second Chance is a very different organization that provides programs to help in every way possible to make lives better for pets. This is just one more way that Second Chance is making a difference in over 34,000 pet’s lives every year. It is important to us to keep pets in their homes whenever possible.

Our subsidized pricing means that for those that are on fixed incomes, we provide reduced rates on veterinary services. This helps to ensure that pets get the medical care they need for treatable medical conditions.

You must be below 150% of the poverty level.

Income verification is required for anyone seeking the subsidized rates. Otherwise, the standard veterinary rates apply.

Please note, subsidized pricing is not available to those pet owners that are actively breeding their pets, or for the litters of those breeding pets. Subsidized pricing is meant to help pet owners who have financial restraints that limit their ability to provide veterinary care for their pet. If you are breeding your pet for sale, you are disqualified from this program. You can still use our veterinary program but at the regular, non subsidized rates."