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Fundraise for Second Chance

Are you interested in helping Second Chance with a fundraiser of your own?

By hosting a fundraiser, you can make a real impact on the lives of animals in our community. Whether it’s a bake sale, a marathon, or a virtual event, your fundraiser will help change the lives of pets in need. Get started today and help us save more lives!

Host a Fundraising Event

If you or your group are planning to host a fundraising event to benefit Second Chance, please share your plans with us by completing our Fundraiser Form.  We recommend that you tag us on social media and we will do our best to share fundraisers with our followers as our schedule allows. Due to the high volume of requests, this is not always possible. Proceeds from fundraisers can be mailed to Second Chance, Attn: Lindsay Doray, PO Box 136, East Brookfield, MA 01515 or arrangements can also be made for check presentation photo opportunities.

Social Media Fundraisers

When you host a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram, 100% of donations come directly to Second Chance.  Click one of the links below to get started.  Tell your friends why you support Second Chance and they should too!  Be sure to thank everyone who supports your fundraiser and encourage them to spread the word so together we can help more pets.  


Click “Support” to Get Started

Host a Supply Drive

Hosting a supply drive for Second Chance is a great way to help pets and encourage visitors to your event or business.  Some of our most-needed items are bleach, copy paper, paper towels and gently used towels and blankets.  For our complete wishlist, visit secondchanceanimals.org/wish-list/.  To share your plans with us and schedule a photo opportunity when you deliver your supplies, please complete our Fundraiser Form.

Donate a Percentage of Sales 

When you donate a percentage of your sales to Second Chance, you let your customers know that when they shop with you, they are helping pets in the community.  Please share your plans with us by completing our Fundraiser Form.  Be sure to include your shopping link or address so we can include your pledge to donate on our Shopping page or Restaurant Fundraiser page.

Offer a Round-Up at the Register

When you offer customers the opportunity to round-up for Second Chance at the register, they can feel good knowing that they are also helping pets in need.  Please share your plans with us by completing our Fundraiser Form. 

Workplace Giving

Several local businesses hold morale-boosting events like annual volunteer days, dress-down days and more to benefit Second Chance.  Please share your plans with us by completing our Fundraiser Form.

Schools and Youth Organizations

Pawsitive Endeavors: Empowering Youth for Animal Impact

Are you looking for a project for your class or group?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bake sale: Organize a bake sale where students can contribute homemade baked goods to sell. Advertise the event within the school and local community to maximize participation and funds raised.

  • Pet supply drive: Host a pet supply drive where students collect donations of food, toys, blankets, and other necessary supplies for the animal shelter. Arrange designated drop-off locations within the school and encourage students to spread the word to friends, family, and neighbors.

  • Walk or run: Plan a walk or run event, where students gather sponsors who pledge to donate a certain amount of money for every mile they complete. Choose a scenic route and promote the event both within the school and in the wider community.

  • Car wash: Set up a car wash event in a convenient location, such as the school parking lot, and charge a fee for each car washed. Advertise the event in advance to attract a good number of customers and encourage students to work in shifts to ensure continuous operation throughout the day.
  • Pet photo contest: Run a pet photo contest where students can submit pictures of their pets for a small entry fee. Create categories and award prizes for the cutest, funniest, or most unique pet photos. Promote the contest on social media platforms and encourage participants to share their entries.
  • Animal-themed dress-up day: Designate a day where students can dress up as their favorite animals or wear animal-themed attire. Encourage participants to make a small donation to the animal shelter for the privilege of participating. Consider offering prizes for the most creative costumes.
  • Calendar contest: Collaborate with local businesses to host a calendar contest for a chance to win one prize per day.

  • Class war coin or supply drive between classes: The winning class or classroom earns a prize like a pizza party, extra recess or simply bragging rights

  • Adopt a pet-a-thon: Offer small, stuffed animals at an adoption fair during lunch or recess where students can adopt a stuffed pet for a minimal adoption fee.

  • Community service projects: Organize a day of service at one of our locations helping to bag pet food, rake and mulch, etc.

Please share your plans with us by completing our Fundraiser Form below.

    Please share your plans with us:

    *Please note that donations can be dropped off anytime under the porch at our Adoption Center, 111 Young Road, East Brookfield. Drop off at other Second Chance locations should be during business hours only.

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    Your support will change the lives of pets in need