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Project Good Dog

Project Good Dog

Helping more pets live better lives

We are currently partnered up with two correctional facilities: Hampden County Sheriff’s Office, and Worcester County Sheriff’s Office to help pets that need training and/or additional assistance prior to adoption! This program was launched in April of 2015 and pairs behaviorally needy shelter dogs with inmates who provide them with 24/7 care and training. They work with the dogs on socialization, basic obedience, housebreaking, and sometimes a trick or two. Not only does it provide benefits to the dogs but it also has positive results for the handlers who learn patience, compassion, responsibility. Many of the inmates say that it also gives them a focus while they transition back into the community. The training the dogs receive while in the program helps them to be more adoptable and stay in their homes. We asked the handlers how they felt about the program and the responses were all positive.

“While I feel like I was able to help my dog get better, it was him that helped me get better. All those hours spent with him had softened that part of me that had become calloused after so many years in prison, and reminded me that caring about and helping others is an important part of being a member of humanity.”

If you would like to help sponsor Project Good Dog Please click on the donate now button. There are options to help sponsor the program and have your name/company logo appear on our page for 3, 6, or 12 months or you can just make a donation to the program in any amount. Every donation helps! If you have any questions about sponsoring this program please email Lindsay at development@secondchanceanimals.org.

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