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Available for dogs by appointment at our Southbridge Location

About Our Grooming

Grooming is now available by appointment on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at our Southbridge location. Drop off and pick up times will be advised by the groomer. If you have special time requirements please let us know at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate.

All grooming pets must be up to date on rabies vaccine and bring proof of vaccination if not on file at our vet hospital. Grooming price quotes are estimates only and are always subject to change during the course of grooming.

Now Booking at our Southbridge Community Veterinary Hospital

DOGS ONLY at this time – we hope to add cat services in the future.

700 Worcester Street, Southbridge

Call (774) 318-1101 to Book an Appointment!
Walk-In Nail Trims
Now Available  for Dogs – $10

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

8AM to 4:30PM

Proof of Rabies Vaccination Required

Grooming Services

All grooming appointments and baths include: blueberry facial, shampoo and conditioner, brush out, nail trimming, ear cleaning, ear plucking, bow/bandana, finishing spray/cologne.

We now offer subsidized pricing on some grooming services for those that qualify.
To learn more about our subsidized pricing and how to qualify click here!

(R) = Regular Pricing
(S) = Subsidized Pricing

Weight Short Hair Bath (R) Short Hair Bath (S) Long Hair Bath (R) Long Hair Bath (S) Bath & Haircut (R) Bath & Haircut (S)
0-15 lbs $27 $22 $32 $27 $58 $54
16-30 lbs $32 $27 $37 $32 $65 $61
31-60 lbs $37 $32 $42 $37 $74 $70
61-90 lbs $42 $37 $47 $42 $86 $81
91+ lbs $47 $42 $52 $47 $99 $94
Now Offering Express Grooming Service

Treat your dog to a grooming experience like no other with our Express Grooming Service, designed for those on the go. With Express Grooming, your pet receives immediate attention, minimizing their time in a cage, if at all. This means a faster turnaround time, typically just 1-2 hours depending on size, ensuring your pet is back in your arms in no time. Express Grooming is available for an additional charge of $20 (R) or $15 (S) per pet.

Every pet is unique, which is why we also offer special handling for dogs who may require extra care due to their age or temperament. A special handling fee of $20 may be required for your pet’s ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

Grooming Add Ons:

Anal Glands (R)


Anal Glands (S)


Teeth Brushing (R)


Teeth Brushing (S)


Dremel Nail Grinding


Flea & Tick


(per color*)


(per 15min*)


Extra Shave/Scissoring
(per 15min*)


Extra Brushing
(per 15min*)


Call (774) 318-1101 to Book an Appointment!

*Pets will be evaluated by the groomer upon arrival and we will advise you if additional brushing/shaving or dematting is required with an estimate of time.

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