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Vaccine Clinics

I'm Looking for a Community Vaccine Clinic Scheduled Near me

Weekly In-Hospital Vaccine Clinics

Choosing the best option for your pet:

Our vaccine clinics can be quick and convenient for some pets who need to update vaccines or get a nail trim.  Other pets may need an office visit for a more calm and relaxing environment or to discuss additional health issues.  If you have any concerns about your pet’s health, or if your pet is stubborn, easily upset or has needed to be premedicated for veterinary visits, we encourage you to schedule an office visit so we can fully meet your pet’s needs. If our veterinary staff is unable to care for your pet during our vaccine clinic, you will receive a credit on your account for a future visit or you can choose to donate the money to a pet in need. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Ready to sign your pet up?  Here’s  a few things to keep in mind.

Vaccine Clinic Fees are Non-Refundable

To keep costs low, vaccine clinic fees are non-refundable so please check your calendar before scheduling an appointment.  All no shows will be considered a donation.

Make sure it’s time for your pet’s vaccine.

See the age chart below if this is your pet’s first vaccine.  If this is a booster, check your pet’s vaccine records to confirm they are due.  You will need to upload vaccine information during registration if it’s not on file.

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early. Thank you

We encourage everyone to use our convenient online form to pre-register for vaccine clinics. This helps keep our phone lines open for emergencies. *Registration is available by phone during hospital hours for those without access to the internet. *A $5 manual registration fee applies.

Is this your puppy or kitten’s first vaccines?

Please check the minimum age requirements below.  In order to keep our vaccine clinic prices low, vaccine clinic fees are non-refundable. If your pet’s age falls below the minimum age on the clinic day, registration fees may only be applied to a future clinic date or vet appointment.

Minimum Age Requirements for Vaccine Clinic:
Rabies: 12 weeks
Distemper: 6 weeks
Microchip: 8 weeks
How to Qualify for a 3-Year Booster

You must provide paperwork prior to your pet’s vaccine clinic appointment to qualify for a 3-year booster. 

Certificates will reflect a 1-year booster without prior documentation on file and you may incur a delay or reprint fee to update certificates.

Paperwork can be uploaded during the registration process, emailed by replying to the confirmation email or dropped off at the hospital in advance.

Springfield Vaccine Clinic Registration

Mondays ~ 8:30AM to 11:30AM
67 Mulberry Street, Springfield


Worcester Vaccine Clinic Registration

Tuesdays ~ 9AM to 11AM
831 Main Street, Worcester


N. Brookfield Vaccine Clinic Registration

Fridays ~ 8:30AM to 11AM
372 N Main Street, N Brookfield


Southbridge Vaccine Clinic Registration

Wednesdays ~ 2:30PM to 4:30PM
700 Worcester Street, Southbridge


Weekly Vaccine Clinic Services

Rabies vaccine $18
Distemper vaccine $18
Nail Trimming $20
General Dewormer $20
Microchip $22

Local Community Vaccine Clinics

Second Chance hosts low-cost vaccine clinics in towns across Central and Western Massachusetts throughout the year.  These clinics help protect all the pets in the community by stopping the spread of rabies and parvo.

Please check back for future vaccine clinic dates and locations.

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