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Party for Pets

Party for Pets

Second Chance has a program that recognizes kids who give back to the animals called “Party for Pets.” This program shows children that even at their young age, they can make a difference in the lives of homeless pets. This program provides a party package for kids who are having a birthday party and are asking for gifts for the shelter pets instead of themselves. The kit includes party favors and a t-shirt for the birthday girl or boy.

In addition, when kids bring the pet gifts to the shelter after the party, they will get a tour of the shelter and any pictures or written reflections on why they chose to have a “Party for Pets” will be featured on the Star Supporters webpage. “Second Chance Party for Pets is a wonderful and fun way to involve children in helping homeless animals” stated Carol Kelley, an Educational Outreach Coordinator. “It is also a great first step that allows children to think about and participate in a community service program”.

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Your support will change the lives of pets in need