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Updated 7/29/2020

We know many pet owners are waiting to have their pet fixed. We have fully resumed our spay/neuter program at our Springfield and Worcester locations.  The North Brookfield spay/neuter program remains limited to accommodate the continued increased need for emergency surgeries at this time.

We ask for your continued patience. Our spay/neuter program was closed for almost 3 months and a significant backlog remains. We are doing our best and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

  • Filling out a SPOT application online is the best way to request a spay or neuter appointment for your pet. Please help us keep our phone lines available for emergencies and call backs. 
  • We hope to reach you directly, but if you are awaiting a call, please be sure we can leave you a voicemail if we miss you.
  • Please refrain from calling to see where you are on our call back list so we can concentrate on getting everyone scheduled as quickly as possible.

Low Cost Spay & Neuter Program

Second Chance’s S.P.O.T. program makes the cost of spaying or neutering your pet more affordable. This program helps pets in need get spayed/neutered. It is open to all.  We do provide additional resources to help those that need financial assistance to have their pets spayed/neutered.

To sign up for one of our clinics:

  • Complete the S.P.O.T Application online or download and print.
  • For cats you can call the hospital directly to book your pet’s appointment. If you require services in addition to spay/neuter, please let us know when you come in for your appointment.

Voucher Day

October 29, 2020
North Brookfield Community Veterinary Hospital

Voucher Registration Form

Return your completed form today by email, fax OR postal mail – space is limited – we will confirm your registration by phone.  Please be sure we can leave a message if we don’t reach you directly.

Email to:

Fax to: 508-637-1417

Mail to: Second Chance Voucher Day Registration, 372 N Main Street, N Brookfield , MA 01535



Services for Dogs

Male Neuter (1-100 lbs.) Varies*
Female Spay(1-100 lbs.) Varies*
Pit Fix Programs $75
Rabies Vaccination $12
DA2PP (distemper) Vaccination** $12
Heartworm/Lyme/AN/EC 4DX test*** $30
Microchip (Includes Registration) $20
Flea/Tick treatment $15
Dewormer $20
*Due to the variance in breeds, size, age, etc. in dogs, please fill out the application and a representative will contact you for pricing.
** Puppies under 6 months of age are required to have at least two distemper vaccines prior to surgery.
***NOTE: HW/Lyme test can be done but we can not dispense any medications for either a positive or negative result at the time of testing. Results need to be brought to the pet owners regular vet and the vet will need to write a prescription for any medication, or if you would like to become an established client at our new subsidized clinic you can make an appointment with us.

Services For Cats

Male Neuter – Includes FREE rabies vaccine $75
Female Spay – Includes FREE rabies vaccine $85
Nail Trim $5
Hernia Repair $30-$50
Dewormer $20
Flea/Ear mite treatment $15
FVRCP (Distemper) Vaccination $12
Leukemia Virus/FIV Test $30
Microchip (Includes Registration) $20
Flea/Tick treatment $15
Feral – F.A.S.T. Program $40

Services for Rabbits

Male Neuter $180
Female Spay $180

The Pit Fix

Pit bull and pit bull mixes are the most common dog found in shelters. This is due in large part to the misinformation about the breed and over breeding. We want to help this breed by helping to fix pit bulls at an affordable cost. Be a responsible pit bull owner and get your pit fixed – we can help! Second Chance helps to fix pit bulls for a cost of $75.00. If you have a pit bull and want to get your pit fixed, please fill out a S.P.O.T. application.  Every pit fixed helps to make a difference! Your dog can qualify for our reduced cost pit bull pricing if:

  • He/she is a pit bull or mostly pit bull mix and has characteristics of a pit bull such as a square/blocky head, short muzzle, and a well-defined muscular structure.
  • You can present a copy of your dog’s rabies certificate or previous medical records with the breed of pit bull clearly noted.

Qualification is at the discretion of our veterinarian.


Transportation of Pets

Want to utilize our spay/neuter program but can’t get here? We have begun to coordinate with other organizations to help facilitate spay/neuter to all those that need it. Please note that there is a $10.00 per pet transport fee.

Transport Pick-Up Locations:

On the second Thursday of the month. Please call (508) 637-1333 to schedule!

Gardner, ACO Facility
899 West Broadway St.
Gardner, MA 01440
Pick up at 8:45AM
Drop off the next day at 8:45AM

Winchendon, ACO Facility
637 River St.
Winchendon, MA 01475
Pick up at 9:15AM
Drop off the next day at 9:15AM

Athol, ACO Facility
450 Thrower Rd.
Athol, MA 01331
Pick up at 10:00AM
Drop off the next day at 10:00AM

We do add locations from time to time as well if there is a need in that area.

F.A.S.T. Program for Barn & Feral Cats

Due to the overwhelming need for help in our community and beyond for feral cats, we have a life-saving program to help those felines in need. What is a feral cat? A feral cat is an untamed domestic cat. Feral cats are cats that are either born in the wild or were abandoned and reverted to a wild state. Stray cats are not considered feral unless you cannot touch or pick them up. Feral cats will usually run away from you when approached. Feral cats do not live in the house with human contact. This is a comprehensive package which includes:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Rabies vaccine (if not current)
  • Distemper combo vaccine
  • Pain medication (given at our clinic)
  • Flea Treatment
  • Ear Tip (a small eartip is mandatory for all feral cats. This helps to identify the cat as spayed/neutered. Since these cats live in barns etc., this helps to easily identify them from a distance).

Need a feral or barn cat spayed/neutered?

The cost to spay/neuter feral or barn cats is $40.00

  • All feral cats coming in MUST be in humane feral cat traps.
  • All cats coming into this program will be eartipped for identification.

We have feral cat traps that can be loaned out for a $20.00 deposit.

North Brookfield
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays
Please call to confirm availability:
(508) 637-1333

  • Drop off is at 7:45AM the day of surgery.  Payment is expected at the time of drop off.
  • Pick up is at 4:00PM the same day unless other instructions are given.

Please call to confirm availability:
(413) 739-2343

  • Drop off is at 8:00AM the day of surgery. Payment is expected at the time of drop off.
  • Pick up is at 4:00PM the same day unless other instructions are given.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Please call to confirm availability:
(774) 243-1234

  • Drop off is at 7:50AM the day of surgery. Payment is expected at the time of drop off.
  • Pick up is at 3:00PM the same day unless other instructions are given.

Be Part of the Solution – Support the F.A.S.T. Program

We want to help feral cats live out a healthy life. Unfortunately, these cats were either born in the wild or were abandoned and reverted back to a wild state. They are not adoptable as house cats. Since these cats have adapted to life outdoors, the best we can do for them is provide vaccinations to keep them healthy and spay/neuter services so that their population is kept under control.

You can help in several ways:

Adopt a Trap:

Feral cat traps are expensive and the shelter needs several traps to keep up with the need to loan these traps out to catch the feral cats and bring to the program. You can help by making a donation of $75.00. The trap will be marked with your “adoption”. If you would like to donate a trap, please donate below and if you would like the adoption noted, please note it in the Memo section of the on the donation link (or with the check if you are mailing in the donation). Adoption Example “This trap was adopted in memory of Scooter“.


Help by volunteering at the shelter for the feral program. Volunteers are always needed during these programs to do paperwork, clean out the traps while the cat is in surgery, and/or to assist with various other duties during the clinic. If you would like to help, please fill out our Volunteer form.


It costs the shelter approximately $100. per cat for services through this program. You can help by donating to the program. To do so, you can click the button below OR you can send a check to: Second Chance Animal Services, Inc., 111 Young Road, P.O. Box 136, East Brookfield, MA 01515.

Save a Feral:

If you are feeding a feral cat, please get them spayed/neutered. By using this program, you are helping to end pet overpopulation and are helping to make the life of that feral healthier.

Feral Cat Adoption:

While the shelter does not routinely adopt out feral cats, we do help to re-home feral cats that have lost their existing home. If you have a barn or can provide other suitable housing and feeding for a feral cat, please contact the shelter.


Are you a farm? Please email us if you are a farm. Our definition of a farm is someone who is actively utilizing their property for the sale of produce or has farm animals and includes at least one barn or related structure. We do have programs for feral cats specific to the farming community. These farm programs are free or at reduced costs. Please email or call us for details.

Second Chance Pets for Life Program

Second Chance Animal Services operates Pets for Life in Massachusetts. This program targets communities that have been identified as in the most need for assistance in locating services to help with their pets needs.

While our main focus is in Worcester in the zip codes of 01608, 01609 and 01610, we also extend the services across the City of Worcester and across the state through our community vaccine clinics and mobile spay/neuter.

Second Chance has a full service veterinary hospital located in Worcester at 831 Main Street, in the heart of the area that needs us the most in this City. For more information on the services, please contact our Community Veterinary Hospital in Worcester at 774-243-1234. This hospital is open to everyone. However, in addition, we offer subsidized rates for those that qualify. We also regularly announce free spay/neuter clinics at this hospital for those that qualify.

Please note that we have 3 full service veterinary hospitals located in North Brookfield, Worcester and Springfield. All of these hospitals are open to everyone but also offer subsidized rates for veterinary services for those that qualify. For more information, explore the links below:

Community Veterinary Hospital Locations

Veterinary Services

Subsidized Pricing Qualification

Fill Out Our S.P.O.T. Application & Help Stop Pet Overpopulation Today

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