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Monthly Pet Pal Champion

Become a Monthly Pet Pal Champion

Every year we help thousands of pets with serious medical needs. We couldn’t do it without our team of Monthly Pet Pal Champions. Today, you can join us to help save the lives of even more animals. Pet Pal Champions are at the heart of the life-saving work we do for pets every single day. By becoming a monthly donor, you will join a special team of people who love animals and are champions for pets in Massachusetts.

As little as 34 cents a day can change the life of a pet in need

Pet Pal Champions’ monthly donations add up!

Here’s what your donation can do over the course of a single year:

50¢ per day ($15/month) can provide vaccines and flea treatment for a shelter pet.
$1 per day ($30/month) can provide spay/neuter surgeries for 10 dogs and cats, reducing the number of homeless pets in our community.
$2 per day ($60/month) can provide subsidized veterinary care to 5 dogs and cats, ensuring that people on fixed incomes do not have to surrender their beloved pets because they can’t cover veterinary costs.
$2.50 per day ($75/month) can provide 30 dogs and cats with the opportunity to find a forever home through our adoption programs.

Benefits of monthly giving:

  • Helping more pets in need: Your monthly gift helps us save more animals’ lives by reducing staff time needed to process donations. Every penny you give each month goes further to help pets in need.
  • Satisfaction: Knowing that you are part of a select team that is helping to save animals’ lives feels good!
  • Easy access to your giving account: You can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly donation at any time.
Prefer to send the information by mail? Simply fill out this form and mail it to the shelter. Your monthly donation will help to save more lives. Join Pet Pal today and be a part of helping pets in need!

Together we can give so many pets a ‘Second Chance’

Need help updating your credit card or the amount of your monthly donation?  Please email development@secondchanceanimals.org.

Your support will change the lives of pets in need