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Spay Worcester

Spay Worcester is a program first developed to help free roaming cats in the City of Worcester.  It was started by Karen Powers, with a grant from Petsmart Charities.  This was the first program to begin to help to reduce the overpopulation of free roaming cats in the City and help the population to be healthier. 

Today it is a program to continue to help to keep the free roaming cat population under control and to provide assistance to the caregivers of these cats.  In 2017 Second Chance took over this program as part of our already established F.A.S.T. program to help get free roaming (feral) cats spayed/neutered.

What is a feral cat?
A feral cat is untamed domestic cat. Feral cats are cats that are either born in the wild or were abandoned and reverted to a wild state. Stray cats are not considered feral unless you cannot touch or pick them up. Feral cats will usually run away from you when approached. Feral cats do not live in the house with human contact.

What is a the cost?
Second Chance has an all-inclusive package to cover the spay/neuter services (see below).  All cats that come through this program MUST be in a humane trap and will be ear tipped for identification.

How do I get an appointment for the program?
You need to call our Worcester location at 774-243-1234 and we will be happy to help you get these cats spayed/neutered.

What if I am on a limited income and have several outdoor cats?
If you are on assistance and are feeding outdoor cats, we may be able to help you with the cost of spay/neuter assisting you through vouchers or other options.  You need to contact the clinic in Worcester for further details.

Spay/Neuter Program for Feral/Free Roaming/Barn cats (An all-inclusive package):
The cost to spay/neuter feral/ barn cats is $45.00.

This is a comprehensive package which includes:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Rabies vaccine (if not current)
  • Distemper combo vaccine
  • Pain medication (given at our clinic)
  • Flea Treatment
  • Ear Tip (a small eartip is mandatory for all feral cats.  This helps to identify the cat as spayed/neutered.  Since these cats live in barns etc., this helps to easily identify them from a distance).

How do you trap the cat?
Trapping a feral cat is easy and our staff is happy to show you how to trap a cat.  We have feral cat traps that can be loaned out for a $20.00 deposit. Please call the Community Veterinary Hospital in Worcester at 774-243-1234 or the North Brookfield Community Veterinary Hospital at 508-637-1333 for more details and scheduling.

What to do if you are unable to trap the cat yourself?
If you are unable to handle trapping the cat(s), we can connect you with our trapping liaison who can get an experienced trapper to assist you with trapping.

What you need to know and Instructions for feral cat services:

  • Drop off is between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM the day of surgery.  Payment is expected at the time of drop off.
  • Pick up is at 3:00 PM the same day unless other instructions are given.
  • ALL cats coming into our feral cat MUST be in humane feral cat traps.  All cats coming into this program will be eartipped for identification.

Not in Worcester but need help?
We have a feral cat program throughout MA that can help with spay/neuter and trapping.