It’s been an amazing year of saving lives thanks to your support. Join us as we count down the 12 Days of Second Chances by looking back at some of the amazing pets that together we’ve helped over the past year.

In January, this sweet baby came to us in pain. Ozzy had fallen through a grate onto a cement pad one story below, fracturing his femur. It was a clean break and one of our vets surgically pinned the limb to aid in healing.

He made a full recovery and was adopted by a loving family who shared an update on him when he turned one in October.




These two sweeties named Bugs Bunny and Leif came to Second Chance from a crowded Georgia shelter. They were both suffering from a very painful eye condition called entropion – their eyelids are rolled in, causing the haired portion to rub on the surface of their eyes.

They arrived with secondary infections that had to be treated before they could receive their life-changing surgeries.

Bugs had his surgery first, and after he recovered, he found his forever home. Leif’s entropion was much worse and he underwent surgery on both eyes. He made a full recovery and traveled to our Framingham PetSmart satellite where he found a loving new home.

When Onyx‘s healthy began to fail, her family felt they had no other options for their sweet 18-year-old cat. They were prepared for the worst when a visit to one of our full-service Community Veterinary Hospitals had an unexpected outcome. Lab work revealed that Onyx is hyperthyroid. With medication, Onyx’s thyroid levels could be managed so she can comfortably live out her remaining years. ❤️ Onyx and her Mom were ecstatic to leave together. Second Chance Community Veterinary Hospitals were established to help keep pets with the people they love. Four locations are open to all with subsidized rates for those that qualify, so all pets can have access to the care they need. Right now, the need is great. More pet owners are relying on subsidized rates than ever before.



To look at one-year old Liam, an adorable Labrador retriever mix, you would be hard pressed to guess all that he’s been through in his short life. Liam would eye every visitor to the dog room of the Adoption Center and bark to make sure he got your attention. He was one of five dogs that Second Chance brought back from a Maryland rehabilitation center that were part of a group of approximately 120 dogs rescued from the South Korean Meat Trade.

They were so shy when we first met them, and we were in awe as we watched them get brave enough to explore our play yard and begin to come out of their shells. Since they never had the chance to be a dog, they would need patient families who to help with things like walking on leash or simply playing. All five made great progress and found loving homes where they can have the great life they deserve.

Natty came to us in excruciating pain, suffering from a severe degloving injury to his leg. The skin and tissue had been torn away, leaving his limb vulnerable and exposed. Our dedicated team of veterinarians and staff immediately sprang into action, attempting to save his leg. Pain medication and constant monitoring were provided, but Natty’s distress was so overwhelming that he resorted to chewing on his own leg.

We had to make the difficult decision to amputate Natty’s leg to provide him with the comfort and quality of life he deserved. With your support, we were able to provide Natty with the surgery he desperately needed, and he emerged from the procedure with the resilience and strength that defines his spirit. Learning to walk without his leg proved to be no obstacle for this remarkable pup.

We are overjoyed to share the final chapter of Natty’s story. After all he had been through, Natty found his forever home—a place where he is cherished and adored. His new family including his three-legged dog sister Lucy love him unconditionally. You may even know him by his new name, Nugget the Timberyard BrewDog. His journey reminds us of the incredible impact we can make when we come together to support animals in need. Your generosity and compassion have transformed his life, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Day #6 is not just the story of one pet, but the story of hundreds of pets that our Homebound to the Rescue helps.  Funded entirely by generous donors like you and by grants, Homebound to the Rescue brings veterinary services to to low-income senior

housing areas at no cost to keep pets healthy and up to date on vaccinations.  This year, the need was great and Homebound to the Rescue worked with communities to set up visits throughout Central and Western Massachusetts to prevent seniors from having to choose between their pet and putting food on the table.



Day #7 is a story of lives saved through our community vaccine clinics. This year we were out in the community offering more life-saving vaccine clinics than in years. These low-cost vaccine clinics are part of Second Chance’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of pets within the local communities, improving the lives of animals and the people who love them.




Day #8 Life took a tragic turn when Carmen lost her beloved son. In the midst of her grief, she found solace in the care of Canella, a Chihuahua mix who had been by her son’s side. Knowing how deeply her son loved Canela, she couldn’t bear the thought of rehoming or surrendering her to a shelter. Her circumstances were challenging living on a limited income. Finding affordable veterinary care seemed like an insurmountable hurdle and her worries grew when she noticed a lump on Canela’s belly. That’s when fate intervened, and a friend told her about Second Chance.
Canella’s owner was committed to using her limited income to cover the costs, despite the hardship it would pose, but our compassionate staff found a better solution. We were able to offer a significant discount thanks to a generous grant from Pets for the Elderly. Canela’s much-needed surgery was successful, and she returned to her playful, joyful self.

Day #9 When five-month-old Teddy was hit by a car, the emergency vet recommended surgery to repair his injury. The cost for the surgery was more than the family’s budget could bear and they reached out to Second Chance for help. Second Chance is committed to providing access to care, offering subsidized rates for those that qualify so all pets can get the help they need.






Day #10 In the fall, we took in 16 cats rescued from a challenging living situation in a nearby town. Despite their challenging past, the majority of the cats were incredibly friendly. The group included three pregnant cats, several who needed dental surgery and the majority needed attention for various health issues, including upper respiratory infections (URI), skin conditions, or eye and ear problems. Thanks to your support, these cats were able to get the care they needed.


Day #11 Charlie was just 7 weeks old when he came to us with a fractured leg. To save his leg, the shelter pup would need frequent bandage changes and close monitoring, which was made possible thanks to supporters like you. Charlie captured our hearts as he grew like a weed, often needing a new splint to keep up with his lengthening leg. We are happy to report that Charlie made a full recovery and was adopted by a loving family.

Day #12 Amelia was found wandering the grounds of the Southbridge Airport in November. The local animal control officer was able to get the scared little dog who had no microchip. She visited our groomer for a makeover. She was not claimed and was turned over to Second Chance where we found she was suffering from Lyme disease and would also need dental surgery.
Amelia is currently in the care of one of our loving fosters while she undergoes treatment.






We are so grateful for the support that made these Second Chances possible. If you would like to give the gift of hope to a pet in need in the coming year, please consider a donation in their honor.