📷 Dr. Jackie Celmer and shelter cat Princess Daisy (one of our feline herpes virus cats)

Second Chance currently has several feline herpes positive cats waiting to find homes. Shelter vet Dr. Jackie answers the most frequently asked questions about adopting a cat with feline herpes.

What is Feline Herpes Virus? A viral infection that a cat can get from other cats or it’s mother which infects the cat life long.

What are the symptoms of cats with Feline Herpes Virus? Sneezing, coughing, leaky/runny eyes, nasal discharge, upper respiratory congestion

Can Humans get Feline Herpes Virus?  No

Can dogs get Feline Herpes Virus?  No

Can my other cat get Feline Herpes Virus? Immunocompromised cats (senior cats, kittens, or cats with other pre-existing conditions/illnesses) and unvaccinated cats are at a risk of getting feline herpes from an infected cat.  Healthy cats that are up to date on their core vaccination are a little to no risk of contracting the virus from infected cats.

Do these cats require long term care?  Many of the time these cats are healthy while not in a flair up. They may have a mild runny eye or congestion but with times of stress they are more likely to get sick with clinical signs of nasal discharge, goopy eyes or nose, intense sneezing and congestion. In these cases, they require veterinary care for antibiotics. Sometimes it is recommended to keep these cats on daily lysine supplements to decrease the frequency of flair ups

Is caring for a cat with Feline Herpes Virus expensive? On the day to day the costs for these patients is the same as any other cat.  These cats may require more routine veterinary visits due to them getting sick several times throughout the year but overall this is not an expensive condition to treat. 

Meet our Herpes Cats

Reduced or waived adoption fees available

Junebug & Toucan – Adoption fee waived

Hello, we’re Toucan and June Bug. We’re pretty shy and mellow, but don’t let that fool you. We’re sweet as can be once we get to know you. Our past wasn’t the best, we came from a home with too many cats and not enough love to go around. But we’re not dwelling on that. We’re ready for a fresh start and a forever home. We might take a little while to come out of our shells, but we promise it’s worth the wait. We’re looking for a patient, loving owner who will give us the time and space we need to adjust. We need to be the only cats in the home. Adopt us, and we’ll fill your life with purrs and gentle headbutts. We’re not just pets, we’re family waiting to happen.

Sedona & Arizona – $200 adoption fee – please call 508-867-5525 to schedule an appointment to meet us.

Arizona and Sedona are sweet but shy girls who are slowly learning to warm up to humans and trust them. They are both curious about the new world they are living in, as this is all new to them. They are looking for a home of their own where they can let their personality’s shine, and give their forever family a lifetime of love and snuggles! Sedona and Arizona have been through a lot and would need to be the only cats in the home, this way they can get all of your love and attention that they deserve. If you’d like to meet these sweet girls and see if they can fit into your family please call the adoption center to make an appointment.

Wednesday-prefers to be alone-  $100 adoption fee

Meet Wednesday, a charming feline full of life and curiosity. Her playful nature brings a joyous energy to any room she enters. She’s curious too, always exploring her surroundings, investigating every nook and cranny. Wednesday thrives as the only cat in a home, where she can be the center of your attention. Her past may have been challenging, but her spirit remains unbroken. She is ready to bring her unique blend of playfulness and affection into your life.