Join us in spreading love and joy this Valentine’s Day by giving a forever home to our adorable bonded cat pairs! From now through Valentines Day, February 14th, we’re excited to announce a special adoption event: all adoptions for our bonded pairs will be half-priced or even waived! These purr-fect pairs have a dream of spending their lives with someone special, and you could be the one to make their dreams come true. Whether they’re playful, cuddly, or have unique quirks, each pair has a story to tell.

UPDATE:  We’re excited to announce that Albert & Freya and Otis and Moon have been adopted but we still have two bonded pairs looking for love!

Available to Meet Now at our Adoption Center – 111 Young Road, East Brookfield








JUNE BUG & TOUCAN – Meet our delightful 1-2-year-old duo who find joy in life’s little pleasures!  Whether it’s a soft cozy blanket, a new toy, or a snug box to hide in, these charming girls cherish the simple things that bring comfort and happiness. Shy yet friendly, these girls appreciate the quiet moments and the occasional playtime.These lovely ladies are looking for a home where they can relish the freedom to be independent or social based on their mood. Due to a mild medical condition, these girls should be the only cats in the home. Please contact the shelter for more information. The adoption fee for this pair is waived!

EGGO & MORTICIA – Meet the inseparable pair, Eggo (3 years old) and Morticia (1 year old), who may not be blood sisters, but their bond is unbreakable! These resilient felines have faced challenges together and are now ready to embark on a new chapter of their lives in a loving forever home. Despite the hardships, these brave girls not only overcame adversity together but also proved to be extraordinary mothers. Both arrived pregnant and, in their foster home, gave birth to a total of 7 adorable kittens. Now, with their little ones finding their own homes, Eggo and Morticia are eagerly awaiting their turn for a forever home to call their own. A compassionate home where they can continue their journey together, receiving the love and care they deserve. These girls are looking forward to cozy beds, sunny windows, and endless love. Their reduced adoption fee is $200