This handsome young pup is a perfect example of why we do what we do. When he wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t hold down any food, his family rushed him to an emergency hospital. It turned out that five-month-old Finley got himself into some serious trouble when he ate something he shouldn’t. He needed emergency surgery to remove the object, but the cost was more than his family could afford. Lucky for Finley, the emergency facility knew about Second Chance. His family brought him to our North Brookfield hospital where Dr. Jackie and her team stayed late to help save this boy. Happily Finley is back home with his grateful family.

We believe in making quality care accessible to all. Our four full-service hospitals are committed making sure every pet can get the care they need. All locations offer subsidized rates for those that qualify. After all, stories like Finley’s are the reason we do what we do.

Do you want to help? Your support can help pets like Finley get the care they need.


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